Our Mission

“Our mission is to make learning accessible and enjoyable for all learners”

Personalized learning resource

Our Oryx Learning team has a passion for developing educational technologies to create an enjoyable learning experience. Our program offers math practice exercises, formative and summative assessments, teacher resources, and a personalized learning dashboard to facilitate a self-paced learning path to mastery. We consider students to be life-long learners and strive to provide them a strong foundation to develop higher order thinking skills.

Resource for teachers and parents

Oryx Learning is powered by Oryx analytics that displays a student’s overall performance. It clearly shows what students have already mastered and areas that need remediation. A teacher can see the performance of individual students at a glance and adjust their teaching approach to help the student be successful.

Our story

Oryx learning was established to digitally transform math instruction in Arabic. There were no products at an international level to study math with Arabic instruction. This lack of a resource was depriving Arabic students from achieving their true potential. Today, Oryx is a fast-growing international company that serves thousands of students across the world. We are proud of what we have achieved in this short time and we continue to work hard to improve our product to meet the diverse learning needs of our children.

Our Team

We are a diverse international team that works towards the common mission of providing a quality learning experience to students. We are teachers, content specialist, developers, and designers with a passion for education.

Our Future

We are working to increase our product offering and adding more subjects to our product portfolio. We believe in winning together and encourage any educational media companies, content specialist or anyone with an idea for collaboration to contact us. We are willing to listen and brainstorm together. Please review our partner’s page for more information.